Hardwood flooring when new or refinished looks beautiful and is a very durable flooring option. Wood doesn’t collect dust and allergens like carpet does and if hardwood floors get damaged, they can be sanded and refinished rather than being replaced. It is very important that hardwood flooring be installed by a professional because during periods of high humidity, hardwood floors can buckle against walls.

Hardwood floors must also be taken care of as they are susceptible to fading, splinters, denting and breaking. You must make sure that liquid of any kind spilled on wood floors be cleaned up quickly as wood flooring is moisture sensitive.

Tile flooring is a durable and beautiful flooring option. Tile is usually used in kitchens or bathrooms and there are many styles of tile flooring to choose from. Tile floors are easy to clean simply requiring an appropriate tile floor cleaner. However tile floors are susceptible to chipping if heavy objects are dropped on them.

Carpet flooring is the most comfortable choice of flooring, carpet cushions falls, slips as well as noise better than hardwood or tile. Carpet is also a natural insulator, unlike hardwood flooring, providing warmth during cold seasons. The main disadvantage of carpet flooring is that it is easy to stain however if you clean the carpet quickly you can usually get stains out, returning the carpet to like new condition.